Those Ultra-Expensive HDMI Cables–Monster Cable Interview

I finally broke down and bought a flat-panel TV in February, finding a great deal at Ken Crane’s, a local Los Angeles video shop. All was well until I saw the final bill–the HDMI cable, needed to plug the TV into my Verizon FIOS box, a hefty $100. I balked and demanded a lower cost cable. The folks at Crane’s said they didn’t have any, because Monster Cable was the best. I found it hard to fathom that any cable had to cost $100, refused to buy the Monster, and went to Fry’s, where I was able to pick up a Belkin cable for $40.
So why does an HDMI cable have to cost $100?
On one of my recent trips to San Francisco, I stopped in to see Noel Lee, the “Head Monster,” of Monster Cable to ask, in a visit to Monster headquarters.
“Well Jeff, I’m glad you asked–this is how retailers make their profits, on accessories like mine, as they see very little markup in those big TVs.”
That, of course, is not what Lee said–so click on the video and see what he said for real.

One Response to “Those Ultra-Expensive HDMI Cables–Monster Cable Interview”

  1. jim sherk Says:

    hi jeff, i just watched the top 3 video blogs. with the POV changes, and editting, it could not please me more! nice job. i hope to walk in your shoes.

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